Location Buildings

Sep 7, 2023

C3 Imagine, through Vision Builders, is diligently working to redevelop its property in Amsterdam Zuidoost into a community centre and apartments and acquire our own building in Almere. We're unwavering in our belief, actively working towards these goals. These locations, together with our City location, symbolize our commitment to growth and community impact.

Building Zuidoost

Since the last update in 2022, we've taken several significant steps forward, below an overview on the developments of the building project.

What has been achieved in the last 12 months?

  • A new final design by the architect has been approved by the Municipality of Amsterdam (supervisor & urban design committee).

  • An agreement for realization with the Municipality of Amsterdam has been signed.

  • A change in the zoning plan has been approved (residential tower with 128 units, Community Center C3, and an underground parking garage).

  • Conceptual agreements with buyers and the builder have been established.

  • The conceptual ground lease offer is in its final stages.

 We've accomplished a lot over the past year, but we're not done yet. Currently, the builder is working hard to finalize the construction cost in the midst of a high inflation economy. We are believing for a decline in material prices, and a decline in the demand in the market construction requests, to contribute to a lower price.

 The Design 

We're proud of the outcome of the new final design. The building is divided into 3 parts:

  • S(mall) block - low-rise apartments

  • M(edium)+ block – apartments

  • M(edium) block – Imagine Centre (community center), which extends underneath the apartment complex

The Imagine Center has been designed as a special feature, with a white finish that includes ceramic tiles which create a beautiful glossy effect in the sunlight.


We expect to have the final cost by the fourth quarter of this year. Following this, the ‘omgevingsvergunning’ Building Permit) application will be submitted, and simultaneously, we'll be working towards a technical design and an execution design. The goal is that by the end of the second quarter of 2024, we'll be moving forward with the construction phase and start the building process!

Building Almere

It is our goal to purchase a facility for our Almere location in the next few years. It is always good stewardship to own rather than rent. However, it also opens the possibilities to be even more active in integrating into and impacting the local community.

We have already begun making enquiries with Gemeente Almere, to let them know our goals, and the next step will be to work on finding a suitable part of the city that works for us. The architect that we are working with to redevelop Paasheuvelweg 24, our Amsterdam Zuidoost location's building, is also working on projects in Almere and is supporting us with contacts and potential proposals.

We currently have €170.000,- saved and our goal is to raise this to around €370.000,- in the next 3 years. This will enable a purchase. A building helps service our ability to be Hope on every street.

Imagine Vision Builders is a project of