Get to Know The Locations

Sep 9, 2023

Ever wondered who is part of what location? Read four awesome stories by people from C3 Imagine, spread across multiple locations.

Sandeep in Almere

It has been really helpful having a local church and community that is always there for me. C3 Imagine is always supportive and helping me grow in God. As I was moving around a lot of places from my childhood until a couple of years back, I wasn't in a church community for a really long time. Now I know what I missed all these years. After coming to C3, I can see the change in me. My faith in the Lord grew, and I learned a lot about God and transformation. 

The church members always strive to grow me as a disciple in Christ, guiding me to learn more about the Lord. The teams here in the church always try to create the best possible atmosphere and ambience for the people coming to the church and try to contribute as much as possible to grow in Jesus. So, I highly believe a strong church community plays a crucial role for every individual to experience the Lord’s almighty power and His blessings.

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