C3 Cares

Sep 7, 2023

C3 Cares, a ministry of C3 Imagine, embodies Jesus' love via clothes, meals, and messages of hope. Operating in Amsterdam Zuidoost and Nieuw-West, we've witnessed life transformations and community bonding. Our food market and clothing distribution uplift countless lives.

Stories from C3 Cares

We would like to give you an insight into why people come to the Zuidoost and New West locations of C3 Cares. We asked regular visitors of C3 Cares the following questions:

  • How has your involvement in the C3 Cares community impacted you?

  • In what ways has your life transformed since encountering Jesus here?

Sandra (C3 Cares Nieuw-West)

The contact and talking with other people does me good and strengthens my faith. It's changed my faith life so much that I am doing even more with it, and immersing myself in it more. Above all I am a happier person!

Mirjam (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

Being part of C3 Cares has transformed me because so many topics are discussed that speak to me and leave me with something to think about.

It's also so nice to belong to something, that people there are interested in you and try to help you if you have a problem.

It influences my faith life. I try to absorb everything and understand the Bible. I hope I can learn even more about faith.

Perry (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

To be part of C3 Cares is for me an answer to prayer. To not only be busy helping people in the world, but more in the way and supporting the will of the Lord. And since I got the chance to be with you, I'm also being built up myself. I am also very grateful to the Lord Jesus for that. My thanks also goes to Ps Raymond and Evelien and the fellow volunteers where I have been welcomed as family.

My faith life has certainly changed, I am strengthened by the testimonies of others. And the opportunities that C3 Cares offers to grow personally and spiritually to take the next step in my life and serve the Lord Jesus more.

Heidy (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

Since I came to C3 Cares I have found my peace. I had a lot of anger and rage in me! But now I react calmly to everything and everyone around me. When I pray, I pray for the people around me and everyone in the world and the people in the church.

I've been through situations where I was in danger and then I started praying. They couldn't hurt me or come near me. I can now also concentrate better on this heavy world we live in. In rest and peace.

Joan (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

To be just and to love God.

Mieke (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

I love to come to you. It does me a lot of good to be at the services.

Jolanda (C3 Cares Zuidoost)

It means a lot to me to come to C3 Cares. What I want to say is that God is my everything. He comes first. When I come to church I feel good. I want to thank Ps Raymond and Evelien.

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